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SSJ4 VS Bills by RFyle119 SSJ4 VS Bills by RFyle119
What if Bills fighting Goku GT?

Okay now. I already watched a preview of Goku SSJ3 fighting Bills on King Kai's Planet and Goku lost. I'm thinking if he cannot take on Bills as SSJ3 what if he uses SSJ4? I'm thinking if Bills is really tuff and he can take on any form, I think SSJ4 might give Bills a run for his money sometime then Goku lost again or it depends how intense the fight scene is.

I edited the screenshot of the part when Bills flicks Goku with his powerful finger. LOL.
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Moffett1990 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 4, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
If BOG were to exist in GT timeline Goku in SSJ4 would deff loose against beerus.


Thats simple.. GT perfect files and other official guides state that SSJ4 is in the same ball park as Super Vegitto.
Considering the creators of GT are the ones who made the perfect files this is fact and cant be debated.

most ppl tend to go off of other fan theories and calculations that is why it is believed that GT is as OP as it is. 

with that being said I will point out a few other things.

In the failed attempt to go SSJG it was stated that Gokus new power surpassed every fighter in history. This means the failed attempt at SSJG surpassed Super Vegitto meaning he surpassed GTs SSJ4. The SSJG would have done the same but by MUCH more! 

It was also stated ( either in an interview or the Japanese dub ) That Gogeta would not be able to help them against beerus which would also support SSJG being over that of SSJ4.

Now even tho SSJG is clearly more powerful then Super Vegitto by how much is never specified we dont really know the only thing we have to go by with power is the failed attempt.
Even so ... SSJG wasnt able to defeta Beerus who was at nearly 70% so there is NO WAY SSJ4 would be able to defeat Lord Beerus.
Volcanic-Harpy Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014
Is this a joke? Bills would get CREAMED!!! You do realize SSJ4 Goku at the very beginning is well over 4,000X stronger than SSJ3 Goku was when he fought Bills right? If not, time to wake up and do the math, the result might shock you. At the very most, I could see Whiss briefly holding his own against SSJ4 Goku but in the end not even Whiss would last very long. Just because you're a god and your god ki cannot be sensed doesn't make you invincible, an enraged SSJ Vegeta at Z level owned Bills for a few seconds and even made him bleed, just imagine what SSJ4 Goku would do to him it's not even funny. Remember the Frieza vs Goku fight? Goku could sense ki while Frieza could not, yet it didn't matter in the slightest: Frieza owned Goku without even trying even when Goku was using a 10 fold Kaioken the entire time. The same would happen to Bills or even Whiss if any of these overhyped godly clowns would even think about challenging SSJ4 Goku, heck I doubt Bills could even beat Baby Vegeta's initial form, who owned SSJ3 Kid Goku almost just as easily as Bills owned a version of SSJ3 Goku who was well over 400X weaker. I don't care how many people hate DBGT, BoG was a quintillion times worse at least GT was watchable and funny, BoG was just plain boring and childish. Both Bills and Whiss are low end GT tier at best and SSJG Goku is piss weak compared to SSJ4 Goku. This Bills character has literally dethroned LSSJ Broly as the most overrated powerhouse in DB/Z/GT history, people even compare him with Omega and SSJ4 Gogeta, yeah, you heard me, SSJ4 fucking Gogeta, if anyone deserves the title of god, it's him, not some purple easter bunny on steroids who can't even take Wasabi and who bitches about fucking pudding. Nuff said.
Slendercell-2 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013  Student Artist
ssj4 would take even Whis out easily
agentaaa Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013  Student Writer
ehhh... Baby still wasn't beating ssj3 Goku by anywhere close to that margin. SSJ god seems to be far more than what SSJ4 was, and still wasn't really capable of bringing down Bills. SSJ4 would prove a greater challenge, but I'd say SSJ4 Vegito would be required here, as Bills seems even more potent than Omega Shenron.
SSJ4Son-Goku Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013
Nice job! SSJ4 actually could beat Bills imo. The strength difference between SSJ3 and SSJ4 in GT, where Goku base form thrashed Frieza and Cell, which in Z would take at least SSJ2 to do, is a lot. Baby Vegeta was effortlessly beating up SSJ3 Goku while SSJ4 Goku was laughing in his face while kicking his ass. Anyway I digress lol, awesome job on this!
RFyle119 Featured By Owner May 8, 2013
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